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Gifts for Harley Lovers

Our online store offers a wide variety of Las Vegas Harley gear, accessories, souvenirs and gifts. Not sure where to start looking? Use this quick and simple guide to help point you in the right direction.

Who are you shopping for?

The Party Animal
The Nine-to-Fiver
The Decorator
The Civil Servant
The Weekend Warrior

Shot Glasses

vintage style harley-davidson shot glassNo party is complete without a few drinks among friends. Our shot glasses are available tall or standard and include glass, stainless steel and ceramic. Each standard shot glass fits 1.5 oz. of liquid and each tall shot glass holds slightly more, at 2.0 oz.

All shot glasses feature a Las Vegas Harley Davidson design, ranging from the classic HD wings to vintage options. Our glasses are constructed with tempered glass, are thick and sturdy and designed to handle a night out.


las vegas harley-davidson computer mousepadAt Las Vegas Harley, we believe in blurring the lines a little, and that leaving all the fun outside of the office makes Jack a dull boy. Whether their office desk is a barren wasteland or it's already well-stocked with Harley nick-knacks, there's always room for more.

Our mousepads are made with a high-quality rubber composite. Choose from several styles: classic, vintage or modern. All designs are printed on durable fabric and bonded to the upper surface of each mousepad.

Signs & More

vintage style harley-davidson uncle sam wall signIf home is where the heart is, then we expect your living room to be filled with the things you love. And after you're done with the living room, let’s move on to the kitchen, bathroom and garage.
At LV Harley, wall decor is one of our favorite things: It's easy, expressive and always affordable when you buy it from us.
Our selection of wall decor includes embossed vintage-style signs, traditional Harley signs, Man Cave signs and more. We also carry plenty of other decor for the expressive guy or gal in your life. For a complete selection, go here.

Dog Tags

harley-davidson police dog tagWithout them, we'd be lost. For a meaningful gift that expresses pride and respect, check out our selection of Harley dog tags for police, firefighters and POVs. All of our dog tags are sold with an 11-inch ball chain and keychain ring, and are fashioned from solid, heavy-duty metal. Dog tags are one inch wide and two inches long.


harley-davidson tshirts for men and womenWhether your gift recipient already has an established t-shirt collection or you're looking for the one gift everyone will love, we recommend checking out our extensive selection of Harley Davidson t-shirts.

We carry long, short-sleeved and tank top shirts for both men and women in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. All of our shirts are made with high-quality cotton and feature authentic Harley designs, from classic and vintage to modern.